Supply Chain AI at Scale
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A bold new approach to orchestrate an AI-first supply chain.

Why Lyric?

If Not Now, When?

Amid a constantly evolving global ecosystem, supply chains have undergone more shock in the last two years than ever before. Business operators must react to volatility and constrained resources at every turn, leaving them asking:  What else can I do?

The good news? The stars have now aligned. A pressing need for better and faster decisions is met by a world where data, algorithms and technology are ready to deliver supply chain AI in a new and more powerful way:  the Lyric Way.


AI is Not Magic

Sit quietly, you might actually hear the hundreds of emails coming in from vendors hyping the magic of their AI solutions. Look deeper and you will find yet another black box applying AI to niche areas buried amid inflexible processes.

Applying AI should not be magic at all. By packaging algorithms in a logical and flexible way, we are opening the door for supply chain teams to apply AI when, where and how they want.

A Different Approach for a Different Outcome

Today’s Supply Chain AI

A first of its kind AI platform built with supply chain context at its core. The Lyric Studio provides both the efficiency of point solutions and the tailored benefits of a custom build. Be prepared to solve any problem with an expansive catalog of supply chain data, decisions, predictions and products providing the ability to:


Out-of-the-Box Products


Tailored Solutions


Organization-Specific IP

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Rewriting the Lifecycle

The Lyric Studio is built for multiple personas, rewriting the current lifecycle required to deliver supply chain AI solutions. Why?

  • No one knows your supply chain better than your business.
  • No one knows algorithms better than data scientists.
  • No one is better equipped to design your solutions than supply chain engineers.

By providing a single technology platform where one or all three voices can contribute in their own ways, your supply chain team is able to continually harness the best of AI applied specifically for your organization.

Deliver Better Decisions Faster

As the complexity of supply chain decisions increases, the implications are having a much larger impact on your bottom line and countless other KPIs. A few carefully placed AI products will no longer cut it. Organizations now need the muscle to deliver AI-driven decisions products on tap.
You need the Lyric Studio.

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